Civil and Industrial Traffic Deck Membranes and Concrete Waterproofing in Greater Seattle, WA

Are you looking for Traffic Deck Membranes or Concrete Waterproofing in Seattle, WA?

To stop water intrusion into your building or facility, all joint systems have to be properly sealed with engineered Caulking & Sealant installations. At CanAm Coatings Inc. Contractors, we understand the technology behind Concrete Waterproofing & Protection and will work with expertise to determine the best course of action.

CanAm Coatings Inc. Contractors has been involved in the application of new Traffic Deck Membranes for Parkades and Pedestrian Walkways, as well as the Concrete Restoration of multi-level parking facilities throughout Washington.

Vehicular traffic deck project services include hydro demolition, repair and replacement of reinforcing steel, delamination repairs to the concrete slab, beams and epoxy crack injections at the slab. Blastrac shot blasting and dust collection equipment are the preferred method for surface preparation. The installation of seismic-rated expansion joint systems, both vertical and horizontal are completed with drainage connections, fire lines and cover plates.

Our goal is to provide you with the most cost-effective solution to keep your structure safe and in service with the consideration of minimal down time.

Traffic Deck Membrane or Concrete Waterproofing services include:

Hydro Demolition
Steel Replacement
Concrete Slab Repair
Epoxy Injections
Expansion Joints
Liquid Membrane
Cover Plates

How we apply Waterproofing on Traffic Deck Membranes in Parkades

Take a look at some of the Waterproofing and Traffic Deck Membrane Projects completed by CanAm Coatings Inc. Contractors.

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